The loyalty program for e-commerce is one of the key tactics that can be used by retailers to keep hold of their most valuable customers and rewards them in ways that encourages them to repeat buying. These schemes of loyalty programs work well when applied correctly only after segmenting customers according to their buying behavior patterns.

loyalty in e commerce

But what makes a loyalty program successful and how to know the clear goals considered to be the best for loyalty program for your e-commerce business? Well, fret not, as we guide you through some of the best loyalty solutions that can be tailored to any line of e-commerce which will make customers happy and have them acting as a referral for your business:

  • Identify the most loyal and valuable customers by sending promotional SMS/Email and letting them know of the new offers and deals, discounts, new arrivals, stock clearance, sale, etc.
  • Customer referrals are the biggest benefit, so let your customer refer to their friends and family and offer them points in return on each referral.
  • Understand your customers better with customizable dashboards and reports, which give you detailed, actionable, customer-centric data for planning programs and promotions.
  • Create a customer profile for each of your customers so that you can view history, reward balances, preferences, and more.
  • Offer B2B, B2C, B2B2C loyalty program.
  • Emanate trustworthiness of a loyalty platform by being PCI compliant.
  • Integrate wallets in your system to accept payments more quickly and easily. Let customers store money in the wallet to make payments after purchasing. Even the refunded money can be stored in the wallet.
  • Use gamificationfor engagement and attract new customers, encourage your existing customers to write reviews and answer questions, reward them with points.
  • Integrate reporting system to track recency, frequency, and monetary data of customers for better understanding and reward them accordingly.
  • Observing behavior patterns of customer shopping, spending, etc. These patterns can be used for better merchandising, advertising, and customer service. And the best part is that it keeps you stand out from the crowd.
Ecommerce Loyalty Program

With a better understanding of the given solutions and putting the knowledge to use, you can hone the power of customer engagement through loyalty and will be able to gauge who are your most valuable customers which result in driving more sales for both online and offline business.

ClubClass™ data-driven approach enables e-commerce businesses to find the key areas of improvements such as how the customers interact with your product and services, when they transact with your online business. By this behavior of users who visits your website, you can personalize their experiences and optimize your campaigns based on their preferences and retarget them, which ultimately helps in the increase of sales, conversions, drive loyalty and encourage customer retention. To know more – Get in touch with us!