Digital Marketing Operations

Marketing in loyalty is key to a successful business. It is an economically viable strategy for a business to acquire customers who can work as brand advocates. Therefore, we help businesses prepare for tomorrow’s customers who not only become loyal to your brand but will spend more than the new ones.

Here are some of the marketing strategies that we apply to businesses that help to bolster customer loyalty:

Manage & Deliver SEO, SEM, PPC

We ensure that your customers have an intuitive experience on your website. In fact, it is seen that 80% of the customers abandon the website and are unlikely to return to the site again which gives them negative website experience, ultimately impacting sales during a purchase. Therefore, we as a creative marketer in loyalty invest our time and efforts to give your customers a positive UX/UI experience. We make sure your site loads faster and are compatible across manifold devices. Our team of PPC experts optimizes search campaigns which makes it easier for your business to get visible on search engines when a user searches with the relevant keywords of your niche.

Manage Digital Ads, Alliances and Affiliates

Digital Advertising across different platforms is known for gaining customer’s habits. Therefore, we help you to promote your loyalty program through several channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. We feel the future of loyalty resides in affiliate marketing which instills confidence within the audience to do a certain action such as becoming a member or buying a product. It also entitles shoppers/customers for instant cashback/rewards when they arrive at a merchant’s website via our expert panel of affiliate’s bloggers and alliance partners website, thus letting merchants earn a long-term relationship with their customer.

Content Management System

Our loyalty platform offers a flexible content management system for clients and agencies which allows their marketing team to administer their website’s content quickly and efficiently – without any prerequisites of programming skills, which saves them time and helps to focus more on other competitive advantages such as curating content with offers and vouchers for the customer who consume content of their interest and liking.

Emailers, SMS & In- App Campaigning

We build an effective loyalty marketing strategy that helps businesses to forge a strong connection with their members by personalized email, SMS, and In-app behavioral campaigns where we take the members into account and create content that resonates with their interest. We feed them with stuff that is relevant to them, which develops the client-customer communication asking them about their experience of the program with the help of an online survey or reply functionality within the emailers.

Social Network Optimization & Online Reputation Management

Social Network Optimization allows businesses to create a community between them and customers. Using our robust social media strategy for a loyalty program helps you to engage with your customers that proactively build customers base and guides them to take the actions you need them to take such as a sneak peek into the upcoming offers, answering any questions or feedback they have in regards to the product or services. We also ensure that your business is properly represented in the minds of the customers and leaves them with a lasting impression of what you do and who you are, thus building an online reputation.

Customer Segmentation based Online Analytics

It is not only restricted to launching a marketing campaign on social media that gets a major cut-through for your loyalty program to be successful. It is equally important for a brand to have a perfectly optimized rewards program. Based on our analytics and reporting tool, you can get real-time data at your fingertips that collect, store, reviews, and simplifies the segmentation of customers based on their behavior.

Digital Marketing Operations