B2B Solution

Building a B2B customer loyalty program is an important part of a business strategy. It requires in-detail personalization and a holistic view of the customers to perceive and delivering onto their expectations, enabling an enormous renovation to the company’s customer base profile and establishes brand recognition in the B2B space.
We put the customer-first approach and foster close relationship irrespective of the business model, thus aspiring to structure the loyalty programs laid around with gratification that cultivates loyalty in customers. We strive to build the relationships that add to the long-term economic gains in retaining the existing clients that offer great ROI.
Before approaching a business prospect with a loyalty program solution, we plan and assess the following loyalty strategies that resound with success: -

  • Data is the new oil that plays a crucial role in identifying customer habits and purchase patterns we use this precious information to get personal and formulate a best-fit loyalty program strategy.
  • Allowing trade segmentation in business to bifurcate, prioritize, and tiering to have different achievement goals for different participants.
  • Tailors loyalty programs by understanding the strategic goals of a business.
  • Research and analyze customers and track their interaction with the business across all touchpoints.
  • Offers personalization of rewards based on the specific industry, Recognition, Relationships, Exclusivity, Teams, and Affinity.
  • We make a win-win situation for everyone by introducing a referral reward program. In this case, both the entities retailers and customers are eligible for inviting members to earn rewards.
  • Brings in your Business Partners, in the ambit of loyalty, performance, and rewards, deepening buyer-seller relationships, and proportionately boost business outcomes.
  • Offer a B2B / Trade loyalty program to generate more business from your partner and rewards them for the value that they bring to you.
  • Objective-based incentive, timeline-based delivery, SLA-based resolutions, quantum-based turnover, and Tenure-based relationship are some of the KPIs that are offhand supported by the system.
  • Incentives alignment with risks, costs, and rewards of doing business are fair distribution.
B2B Loyalty Program

The implementation of the loyalty program for B2B organization helps to forge a long-term relationship that eventually results in customer acquisition, brand awareness, and value proposition thus, creating cross-sell/upsell opportunities.
ClubClass™ helps companies nurture their relationship with the existing customer through personalized incentives, tier-based loyalty programs that target customers most effectively, and segments them to get results.